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Will fear be a factor for Team Andersen?

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Carissa Morgan
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
In a few weeks, a group of Team Andersen Airmen will endure things most people only have nightmares about - eating disgusting pieces of food and undergoing strenuous physical competition - all in the name of fun and a roundtrip airline ticket. 

Fear Factor, which is coming back to Andersen June 14 and 15, is open to all Team Andersen members, but only the top four male and female participants will make it into the finals. 

"This is a fun event that mimics the TV show," said Michelle Jacobs, 36th Services Squadron's Hot Spot and community programs director. "Last year, we had 22 contestants compete, and so far, six contestants have signed up for this year's event. Last year, 50 people were there to watch the competition, and this year we are expecting 75-100 people to come and watch." 

If this year's competition is anything like last year's, competitors can expect some interesting activities. 

"Last year, we had some interesting stunts," she explained. "They consisted of eating balut, unlocking a box 12 feet underwater with 10 different keys, where only one key unlocked the box and retrieving chicken feet out of a bucket of slop." 

Despite reservations, one Airmen who took part in last year's event, has the guts to try again. 

"I couldn't take any more at the second round," said Airman 1st Class Michael Wolff, a 36th Munitions Squadron conventional maintenance crew member. "There was no way I could stomach the balut. It completely grossed me out and tasted horrible. Needless to say, I didn't make it to the final round." 

Although some people may not believe participating in an event like Fear Factor has any redeeming qualities, Airman Wolff disagrees. 

Airman Wolff spoke on how much he enjoyed last year's Fear Factor and how he's looking forward to this year's event. 

"Fear Factor made me push myself harder then I normally would, which forced me to remember that I could do better," he said. "It also proved to me that no matter how strong you think your stomach is, it's not that strong. I had a lot of fun last year and am looking forward to doing it again. 

"When you really break it down, it's just a bunch of people coming together competing and having fun; it's a great way to socialize," he added. "I'm looking forward to the challenge and hope I can do the same if not better than I did last year."

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