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Andersen Fear Factor

  • Published
  • By A1C Carissa Morgan
  • 36 WG Public Affairs
Fear Factor the actual show one sees on television has some outrageous stunts. Andersen has its own version of Fear Factor and the stunts are just as outrageous.
This event is now an annual event and had its debut event just last year here. On June 14 contestants competed in an obstacle course set up by the 36th Civil Engineering Squadron. The top 4 males and top 4 females advanced into the final round. The final round was held June 15. This event also has a prize attached to it, a plane ticket to Hawaii as a matter of fact. The contestant left standing at the end of this event will be awarded the plane ticket. All top eight contestants win prizes as well.
"This is a fun event that mimics the TV show," said Ms. Michelle Jacobs, the 36th Services Squadron's Hot Spot and Community Programs Director. "Last year we had 22 contestants compete, and contestants have signed up for this year's event. Last year 50 people were there to watch the competition, and this year we are expecting 75-100 people to come and watch."
This event is simply an idea that was cultured because of the show.
'We just got the idea from the reality show," said Ms. Jacobs. "Last year we had some interesting stunts. The contestants had to first go through the obstacle course built by the firemen of Andersen to qualify for the second round the next day. In the second round the contestants had to try and do the stunts until all but one contestant was remaining. Last year's stunts consisted of eating balut (baby chick), unlocking a box 12 ft underwater with 10 different keys, where only one key unlocked the box and then retrieving chicken feet out of a bucket of slop."
This year will be the same kind of set up with different stunts, said Ms. Jacobs.
We don't have many volunteers with this event because we spend hours brainstorming what stunts we want to do and then actually setting up is the easy part, said Ms. Jacobs.
This year the challenge was a little harder.
"This year instead of one choice of a gross dish the contestants were offered six," said Ms. Jacobs. "This year there was a bow and arrow event to even out the playing field of the six different food choices. Depending on what balloon out of the 12 you popped on the target using a bow and arrow, is what dish you received. Each balloon had a different number corresponding with the different things to eat."
This year there was an additive of actual fear due to the last stunt, said Ms. Jacobs.
"This year's final obstacle consisted of a tricycle ride thru a series of cones using beer goggles which impair vision, the contestants had to pull an ATV 20 yards, grate 1/2 cup of coconut using a Guam-made coconut grater and retrieve six live land crabs from a tub, which they had to stand in and put them in a bucket. This is where the fear factor came into play. The crabs were live and in a tub the contestants had to stand in. The contestants had to pick up the crabs bare handed."
"This year's Fear Factor was very diverse; next year it will be as well," said Ms. Jacobs.

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