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Andersen successfully completes 101 Critical Days of Summer

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Jeff Oyer
  • 36th Wing Ground Safety Manager
With zero fatalities and a reduced number of ground mishaps, Team Andersen has successfully completed the 2007 Air Force 101 Critical Days of Summer Safety Campaign. 

The period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is a period of increased off-duty injuries caused by increased activity and risk taking. That's why Air Force leaders embark on a safety campaign every year called the '101 Critical Days of Summer.' The campaign began in the early 1970s as a way to reduce the large number of Air Force off-duty fatalities in the summer months. 

Historically, this is a period of high risk because people are doing more. People are outside traveling, swimming, camping. One hundred forty six Airman were killed in mishaps during the last five 101 Critical Days of Summer periods. Of these fatalities, 117 were traffic related, and 43 percent of these deaths were motorcyclists. Over the 2007 Memorial Day weekend, four Airmen across the Air Force were killed in four separate vehicle accidents, two while driving motorcycles. 

By taking the commander's "I Can Save My Own Life" concept to heart, you made the difference and you are a pivotal part of Team Andersen's mission success.
You succeeded! Together, Team Andersen has achieved the Air Force goal of zero fatalities by living by the words of our Wing Commander, "I Can Save My Own Life." 

Now, we have a new challenge ahead. A challenge unique to Team Andersen! Guam's summer lasts 365 days. Our next test encompasses Andersen's 264 Critical Days of Summer. We must pass the test and make our days count. We must be repeat winners and benefit from the results. The ability to achieve is satisfaction guaranteed. Let's team up and continue to march to the beat of "I Can Save My Own Life." Let's do our part by following some basic rules.