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New vice commander on Andersen

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Angelique Smythe
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
Andersen's newest vice commander, Col. Greg Cain, arrived here in December 2007.

Colonel Cain previously served as the deputy commander of the Joint Warfare Analysis Center in Dahlgren, Va.

He said his number one priority while here is to ensure that Team Andersen is postured to accomplish its wartime taskings.

"I want to make sure the continuous bomber presence, the tanker task force, the theater security program, and all AEF deployers are ready and able to conduct the mission that we've been handed," said Colonel Cain.

He intends to fully support 36th Wing commander, Brig. Gen. Douglas Owens', very robust set of measures intended to improve Quality of Life for all of Andersen's Airmen.
Colonel Cain said he has high expectations of Airmen here. He expects them to stay focused on the mission and remain engaged while here on Guam.

"We need to ensure that we are doing things that contribute to the overall mission of Andersen, 13th Air Force, Pacific Air Forces and the U.S. Air Force," he said. "Every Airman has the responsibility to look very closely at what they're doing, make that assessment and pass that up their chain of command."

Colonel Cain said he wants Airmen to understand the strategic importance of their job, whether it's turning wrenches on the flightline or putting gas in an airplane. They need to understand how it all fits into the big scheme of the mission here.

"We're operating on Andersen AFB on a piece of essentially living history, and these are exciting times as we continue to build up and prepare for ISR/strike, the Combat Support Training Campus at Northwest Field, and as the Department of Defense begins to pump a whole lot of money into Andersen AFB and into Guam to maintain focus on the mission," said Colonel Cain.

The vice commander also encourages Airmen to remain active, engaged members of Team Andersen.

"There are a lot of exciting initiatives under way, and I encourage all the Airmen to take full advantage of them during their time here," he said.