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Are you at your fighting weight?

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Lisa Zunzanyika
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
The other day I was watching an HBO special hyping up the upcoming Roy Jones versus Felix Trinidad boxing match. The show highlighted both fighters' grueling training regimen and their strict diets as expected. The program also featured interviews with their boxing support staff and family members as well as gave the audience glimpses of each fighter's innermost thoughts about their craft.

I was glued to the TV; mostly because I enjoy boxing, but, truthfully, because Roy Jones and I hail from Pensacola, Fla. When scenes of the fighters standing on the scale flashed on the screen, I thought of the Air Force and the question "Are you at your fighting weight?"

"Fit to fight" is not just an Air Force mantra; it is a way of life that involves much more than running miles upon miles and cranking out push ups. You need a mindset geared towards target acquisition. Jones and Trinidad set their sights on becoming champion boxers in their careers. What's your target?

Support was the key element to preparing these fighters for every round they ever fought and the HAWC is an invaluable support system to making every Airman "fit to fight."

The staff is committed and passionate about helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle. "We do this through fitness, nutrition, stress, and tobacco cessation intervention in conjunction with other agencies as needed. No one should feel alone in the fight," said Jason Herman, HAWC nutrition technician.

The most well-known classes are the mandatory Healthy Living Program and the Body Composition Improvement Program but there are a couple hidden gems everyone should know about. The staff provides sports nutrition classes, tips for weightlifters, and most recently the HAWC features the new Pose Method Running class geared all runners from the beginner to the advance.

My favorite hidden secret there is the relaxation room. Whenever you're having one of those days where you're so task saturated and stressed out that you are rendered speechless; run, don't walk, to the HAWC and treat yourself to a proverbial Calgon moment. This room features a plush massage chair and a surround sound system stocked with movies and DVDs to help to take your mind off of your woes.

January has been designated "Healthy Weight Month," which is an Air Force health observance created to emphasize lifestyle changes.

Are you at your fighting weight? If not, stop by the HAWC and start your journey to becoming a champion in your life!

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