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Mandatory "split disbursement" for all travel payments

  • Published
  • 36th Comptroller Squadron
Split disbursement allows Government Travel Cardholders to designate a specific amount of their travel reimbursement to be sent directly to their GTC account to pay the balance, with the remaining sent to their personal account. 

Mandatory split disbursement for all Air Force military and civilian personnel shall be accomplished through the travel voucher process. 

It is the traveler's responsibility to designate on the travel voucher the total outstanding balance amount to be split disbursed to their GTC account. 

Approving officials are required to ensure the split disbursement option is properly designated prior to approving the travel voucher. 

Properly used, split disbursement should eliminate travel card delinquencies and the $29 non-reimbursable late fee charged to the cardholder. 

For more information, contact Tech. Sgt. Patrica Helderman at 366-2314.

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