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Virtual MPF adds new self-service program for assignments

  • Published
A new self-service assignments application launching Feb. 19 will eliminate a visit to the military personnel flight/element, saving Airmen both time and effort as part of the continuing initiatives of the Air Force's Personnel Services Delivery Transformation.

Using the Expanded Permissive Assignment program, active-duty Airmen in the grades lieutenant colonel and below can list up to eight CONUS preferences -- bases or locales -- and apply via the virtual Military Personnel Flight.

The application will transmit electronically directly to the commander, then the assignments floor for coordination, and back to the Airman. An Air Force requirement must exist at the new location for the assignments team to consider the application.

"Airmen will have no physical trips, no time away from their work stations, 24-hour access to the program, the guidance of the strategic advisors at the MPF/MPE, and receive an e-mail response for confirmation, approval or disapproval," said Capt. Ronald Bell, chief of PSD operations.

Airmen applying for the Expanded Permissive PCS must meet all time on station requirements and be able to obtain any required PCS retainability. They will also incur all expenses associated with the PCS if approved for the program.

"The low cost of a local move makes the program a good choice for those who wish to transfer to another base in the same town or within easy moving distance," Captain Bell said. "And, if you're willing to pay to move, you could end up with your dream assignment."

The MPF/MPE will continue to assist applicants with accessing the vMPF and answering general questions about the Expanded Permissive PCS application.

For more information, visit the AFPC "Ask" website; search for "Expanded Permissive". For more information, call the 24-hour Air Force Contact Center at (800) 616-3775.