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Airmen compete to find out who's strongest at Andersen

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt Lisa M. Zunzanyika
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
Freddie Esquivel and Karrie Irvin reigned supreme during the Strongman Challenge sponsored by the Coral Reef Fitness Center February 15th. 

Nine men and two women put their brawn to the test to find out who was Andersen's Strongest.

The competition consisted of seven events designed to challenge each participant's physical strength and endurance. Feats ranging from the benign push-ups and sit-ups to the seemingly death defying dummy drag and truck pull pushed the contestants to their limits. 

"The military press was the hardest event for me. I have never done that before," said Jennifer "Pile Driver" Teaff.

An event of this magnitude is not for the faint at heart; there is a lot of perspiration and preparation involved. 

When asked what she did to train for this challenge Karrie Irvin said, "I work out each day getting ready. I am on the women's soccer team; we practice three nights a week. I had a good breakfast, and made sure I was hydrated."

As grueling as the seven events were, there were some challenges that were favored over others. 

"My best event was the truck pull. It was a total body workout," said Freddie Esquivel.

Staff Sgt. Max Pontenila, 36th Services Squadron, stated that this was the first time the Coral Reef Fitness and Sports Center staff has held this type of event and will sponsor more as long as the demand is there. However future contestants can expect the events to be harder. 

When asked about taking part in another Strongman Challenge, Airman 1st Class Aaron Sitton said "Yeah, definitely! I like competition."