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Personnel Center announces advanced assignment, deferment program for deployed Airmen

  • Published
Some deployed Airmen who have served uncharacteristically long tours of duty will become qualified for a special advance assignment/deferment program, according to Air Force Personnel Center officials here.

"This program recognizes that some of our Airmen, enlisted and officer, who have served a tour of duty of at least 300 consecutive days in a 365-day period in a location authorized hazardous duty pay, should be rewarded for their commitment," said Col. Stanley Perrin, Director of Assignments at AFPC.

The AAD program is designed to allow all qualified Airmen to request an advance assignment or an in-place 24 month assignment deferment. In addition to serving 300 consecutive days in a 365-day period, Airmen also must have a minimum of 36 months time on station as of their permanent change of station date, according to officials.

Joint spouse consideration is applicable and Airmen must have sufficient retainability to serve the associated PCS. There are several other qualifying requirements. Interested Airmen should contact their local military personnel flight. Applications should be made to an individual's unit commander by form letter. Drafts are available at the MPF.

"Desires of the Airman will be heavily considered; however, unit manning and the needs of the Air Force must be a deciding factor," said Colonel Perrin.

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