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Andersen Middle School 2007-2008 Science Fair results

  • Published
Congratulations to all Science Fair participants for a job well done. 

The 2007-2008 Science Fair winners are:

6th grade:
1st place - Emily Nosek
2nd place - Ian Herzer
3rd place - Patrick Callang
4th place - Cody Patterson

7th grade:
1st place - Sydney Short
2nd place - Gemini Martin
3rd place - Natasha Francisco
4th place - Corina McCarroll

8th grade:
1st place - Mariah McMinn
2nd place - Dalton Richardson
3rd place - Andrew Martinez
4th place - Kenny Klocke

Best Overall: 7th grade - Sydney Short
Teacher's Choice: 7th grade - Alexis Mills
Best Display: 8th grade - Katherine Talley

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