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Designated Location Move assignment program helps some foreign-born spouses cope with reassignment

  • Published
Some foreign born spouses of active duty Airmen projected to serve a dependent restricted assignment tour may find help through the Designated Location Move assignment program, according to Air Force Personnel Center officials here.

Although the program already exists, beginning April 4 it became available through the web-based virtual MPF, or vMPF, making it easier for Airmen to apply. All permanent party active duty personnel are eligible, but applicants must be able to clearly demonstrate unusual circumstances not experienced by other military members in similar circumstances to receive approval.

"This is a unique program to address a unique need," said Col. Elaine Pfeiffer, chief of the Operations Support Division at AFPC, "and another personnel service initiative to streamline customer service."

This program exists to aid active duty Airmen with foreign-born spouses who are unable to cope in the CONUS or OCONUS area during the Airman's absence due to language barriers, lack of driver's license, etc. If qualified, the Airman can apply for government-funded travel to move the spouse to their native country while the Airman serves a dependent-restricted overseas tour.

Candidates will be interviewed by the Airman's commander so that an assessment can be made of the spouse's abilities to cope during the member's absence. Interested families can contact their local military personnel element for exact information on starting the application process.

Call the Air Force Personnel Center Contact Center at 1-800-616-3775 for more information on the DLM program.

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