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AFAF campaign continues through April 28

  • Published
  • By Capt. Patricia Gruen
  • 36th Wing Legal office
Both active duty and retired Airmen can contribute to any of the four official Air Force charitable organizations during the Air Force Assistance Fund Campaign, which began March 18 and will run through April 28. 

People can contribute through cash, check, money order or payroll deduction to any of the following Air Force charitable organizations: 

*The Air Force Aid Society -- provides Airmen and their families with worldwide emergency financial assistance, education assistance and an array of base-level community-enhancement programs. The Andersen Airman and Family Readiness Center has full details on programs and eligibility requirements. Information is also available online at 

*The Air Force Enlisted Villages Indigent Widow's Fund in Shalimar, Fla., near Eglin Air Force Base -- provides rent subsidy and other support to indigent widows and widowers of retired enlisted people 55 years of age and older. More information is available at 

*The Air Force Villages Indigent Widow's Fund in San Antonio -- a life-care community for retired officers, spouses, widows or widowers and 

The General and Mrs. Curtis E. LeMay Foundation -- provides rent and financial assistance to indigent widows and widowers of officers and enlisted people in their own homes and communities. The LeMay Foundation Web site is 

For retirees, an AFAF contribution form is published in AFRP 36-1, Afterburner. Retirees may tear out the contribution form in the newsletter, attach it to their contribution (cash, check or money order) or complete the PDP portion to start an allotment. 

Retirees may: 

a. Make contributions directly to the AFAF campaign at Andersen AFB, Guam through the Retiree Activity Office, DSN 366-1059, AFAF installation project officer, or any UPO or key worker using the AF Form 25621. 

b. Mail contributions (cash, check or money order) and contributors' forms from the Afterburner to Air Force Assistance Fund, HQ AFPC/DPSOOF, 550 C Street West Ste 37, Randolph AFB, TX 78150-4739. 

c. Mail contributions directly to the affiliate(s) of their choice at the addresses in the campaign brochures. 

d. Mail completed PDP form directly to DFAS, Cleveland Center, ATTN: Code FR, P.O. Box 99191, Cleveland, OH 44199-1126.

The AFAF raises much-needed funds for these four official Air Force charities. These charities are chartered to assist Air Force personnel in their times of need and the AFAF campaign is another chance to help fellow Airmen. Please contact your unit's AFAF Project Officers, Andersen's Installation AFAF Project Officer, for more details.

IPO: Capt Scott Sitterson
DSN 366-5253

IPO Alternate: Capt Patricia Gruen
DSN 366-6041

Andersen Alternate: Gruen Patricia A, Capt 36 WG/JA 366-6041
36th Wing Staff:  Master Sgt. James Washington 366-5111
36th WG/JA:  Senior Airman Jacqueline Ellis 366-2939
36th OG:  Senior Airman Kristopher Keane Kristopher 366-4188
36th MXG:  2nd Lt. Warren Anderson 366-4518
36th MUNS:  Airman 1st Class Christopher Koelndoffer 366-8127
36th MSG:  2nd Lt. Marc Morin 366-4594
36th CS:  Staff Sgt. Kamilia Washington 366-6084
36th LRS:  Capt. Katrina Smith 366-2294
36th MSS:  2nd Lt. Sarah Mutter 366-3496
36th SFS:  Staff Sgt. Danny Torres 366-2910
36th SFS:  Tammy Miller 366-2910
36th CES:  Master Sgt. James McGinnis 366-5203
36th MDG:  Capt. Sylvia Robledo 366-6315
36th MDSS:  Senior Airman James Bosch 366-5112
36th MDOS:  Master Sgt. Hazel Wong 366-5125
36th CRG:  Master Sgt. Michael Rose 366-6195
36th MRS:  Staff Sgt. Blanca Hernandez 366-3423
736th SFS:  Staff Sgt. Maurice Wong 366-6382
736th SFS:  Staff Sgt. Craig Willits 366-2204
554th RHS:  Master Sgt. Edward Collins 366-6690
734th AMS:  Master Sgt. Fred Adams 366-2150
36th LRS:  Valiea Sultan 366-4109
AFOSI:  Special Agent David Skuta 366-2987
96th EBS:  Tech. Sgt. George Fanning 366-2861

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