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Be aware of excess baggage fees for official travel

  • Published
  • By Capt. Samuel Glass
  • 36th Comptroller Squadron
Official government travelers need to be aware that some airlines have changed their baggage policies and make sure excess baggage reimbursements are authorized under Defense Travel System rules.

In the past airlines allowed two checked bags that weighed 50 pounds or less. Now many are changing that policy and are allowing only one checked bag weighing 50 pounds or less. They are charging fees (cost vary according to the airline) for any other checked bags.

What travelers on "Official Orders" must realize, is excess baggage is not an automatic entitlement. Excess baggage charges are reimbursable if they are authorized or approved by the travel approving official.
Excess baggage must be authorized on the order/authorization before travel begins or it must be approved on the travel voucher submitted via DTS or on the DD Form 1351-2 by the appropriate approving official.

Travelers are encouraged to check with their airline for its specific baggage policy before going to the airport.

Guidance on excess baggage is found under the provisions of the Joint Federal Travel Regulations paragraph U3015 for military travelers, paragraph C2302 for civilian travelers and Appendix O for travelers using DTS. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Finance Services Office at 366-1770.