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New decontamination system saves time, asset

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Erica Stewart
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
The 36th Medical Group here tested the upgraded decontamination system on April 16.

TVI Corporation's 3 line decontamination shelter replaced the old REEVES/DRASH decontamination system.

The decontamination system can be used decontaminate personnel in a variety of situations.

"There are a wide variety of contingencies we could be utilized, but anything that would require a contaminated patient needing treatment at the 36 Medical Group would need to be decontaminated by our In-Place Patient Decontamination Capabilities (IPPDC) Team," said Tech. Sgt. Marlon Pugh, 36 Medical Group non-commissioned officer in charge of laboratory service. "Our two more likely scenarios are hydrazine spills due to our fuel storage capacity and chlorine gas for water treatment facilities but, we have the capability to respond to nuclear, biological and chemical incidents if needed."

The new system, which takes fewer than eight minutes to set up, has creature comforts not possible with the old REEVES/DRASH decontamination system.

"The TVI corporation took all the critiques from agencies using the
REEVES/DRASH System and improved on the design," said Sergeant Pugh. "the tent shelter's framing system has made several safety improvements incorporating safety clips and clipping system to the containment beam, so the tent will not collapse during operations, the shower heads were replaced with an all in one privacy curtain/shower system, decontamination sprayers have a quick release fitting system, litter patient conveyor system is lightweight and collapsible, utilizing technology much like the easy-to fold lawn chairs and an easy to access water heater system."

One of the best parts about this new decontamination system lies within the water, the main source of decontamination.

"The most amazing aspect of this new system lie in the water heating system, the main factor in delivering the decontamination solution to the tent, provides warm water with an adjustable solution setting," said Sergeant Pugh. "What is so amazing is the utilization of space, decreased set-up time, and safety features."

The TVI decontamination system can take three minutes less to set up, can store into a measurement of 45" x 45" x 45", and can separate into three decontamination lines, according to the official TVI Corporation web site.

"Overall, this system will allow us to set-up faster, so we can start treating contaminated patients sooner, while still safeguarding the personnel trained to operate the DECON SYSTEM," said Sergeant Pugh.

With Andersen being the pioneers of the TVI system on Guam, the 36 MDG is an unparalleled asset to the mission.

"With the only TVI System on Guam, Andersen AFB will be no doubt be a focal point for other agencies who are looking to better their own decontamination operations," said Sergeant Pugh. "If we are ever needed to respond to a real world incident, Andersen will benefit with the ability to respond and treat Patients faster and, in turn, saving lives."

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