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2008 Air Force Community Assessment

  • Published
  • 36th Mission Support Squadron

The Andersen Community Action Group is sponsoring the 2008 Community Assessment Survey of service members, spouses, reservists, and reserve spouses. This survey is the best way for Air Force community members to make their opinions and needs known. The results of the survey will be used by base leadership and the Air Force to target resources where they are most needed and enhance the well-being of the community.

Air Force community members at Air Force bases worldwide will be randomly selected to participate in the study. A notification letter that includes a link to the Web-based survey will be sent out to the work email address of each active duty member selected to participate (spouses will be sent a letter in the mail with the Web link). Participation is crucial to the success of the project; selected service members are strongly urged to take part.

The 2008 Community Assessment Survey is the best way for us to listen to community members and then provide services to help them meet their needs and the needs of their families. It allows them to express their opinions anonymously so participants can respond openly and honestly to issues that affect them every day.

Survey responses can directly influence family services and related support activities at local bases and throughout the Air Force. In fact, results from previous Air Force Community Assessments have impacted the policies and programs that support families at every level of the Air Force, to include:

 Expanding financial counseling programs to members and their families
 Develop a user-friendly support network for AF single parents
 Set up marriage support seminars for junior enlisted members and their spouses
The 2008 Community Assessment Survey provides community members a wonderful opportunity to improve the Air Force Community. We hope those selected will do everything they can to respond to the survey as quickly as possible.

As part of a Department of Defense sponsored initiative, this year's Community Assessment, along with some supplemental questions, will be used to direct additional resources to help service members and families base wide. Base agencies will be working with researchers to ensure that this year's survey results are used to maximum benefit.