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Andersen Airmen receive Article 15s

  • Published
  • 36th Wing Legal Office
During the month of May 2008, four Andersen Airmen received Nonjudicial Punishment. The circumstances of the cases are as follows:

An airman first class from 36th Comptroller Squadron absented himself from his place of duty and remained so absent for 2 days, in violation of Article 86, Uniform Code of Military Justice. For this action, the member received a reduction to airman basic and a reprimand.

A senior airman from 36th Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Squadron stored and displayed pornographic images on his government computer in violation of Article 92, UCMJ. For this action, the member received a reduction to the rank of airman first class, forfeiture of $417 pay, restriction to the limits of Andersen Air Force Base for 10 days, and 10 days extra duty.

A staff sergeant from the 36th Munitions Squadron operated a motorcycle while drunk in violation of Article 111, UCMJ. For this action, the member received a reduction to senior airman, a forfeiture of $1,023 pay per month for 2 months, which was suspended through Nov. 18, and 45 days extra duty.

A staff sergeant from the 36th Civil Engineer Squadron failed to go to his appointed place of duty on two occasions and failed to stay awake while on duty in violation of Articles 86 and 92, UCMJ. For these actions, the member received a reduction to senior airman and 45 days extra duty.

Punishment under Article 15 of the UCMJ, otherwise known as Nonjudicial Punishment, is action by a service member's commander in response to suspected violations of the UCMJ. The commander determines if the service member committed the offense and, if so, imposes appropriate punishment. Accepting procedures under Article 15 is a choice of forum and not an admission of guilt. Service members always have the option to turn down Article 15 proceedings and demand to be tried by court-martial.

The legal office is available to brief at unit commander calls or other unit functions regarding current military justice or other legal issues affecting Andersen AFB. Please direct any questions or concerns to the Military Justice team at or 366-2939.

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