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Magellan Inn Dining Facility under construction

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Carissa Wolff
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
The air conditioning units in the Magellan Inn Dining Facility are being updated.

Three air handling units will be installed. Two AHUs will be installed into the main dining facility and one AHU will be installed into the flight kitchen.

"We have a responsibility to provide the right cooling comfort for the personnel using the facility," said Edgar Surban, 36th Civil Engineer Squadron civilian, Magellan Inn air conditioning construction project manager.

The AHUs are being upgraded to meet the extra heat load that is generated in the dining facility.

The central air system will use the main base chilled water system as the cooling medium. The AHUs supply and return ducts will also be replaced.

"Currently the dining facility continues to be plagued by a central air system that breaks down constantly," said Senior Airman Mark Perez, 36th Civil Engineer Squadron, Magellan Inn air conditioning construction inspector. "The poor balancing of air flow in the dining and kitchen area causes negative pressure in the building, and the units in place are an inadequate cooling capacity." 

Phase 1-A of the construction will take up half of the dining and serving areas on the left side looking in from the front door. Once that project is completed, Phase 1-B will take place on the right side of the dining facility. 

Only one side of the dining facility will be closed down at a time. Tents have temporarily been placed outside the Magellan Inn Dining Facility to help with the overflow of personnel in the facility. 

Once the air conditioning construction is completed, the facility will have a better cooling capacity in the dining area. The new AHUs will also provide a more balanced airflow throughout the building, better efficiency leading to Team Andersen saving power and minimum break downs of the air conditioning units, said Airman Perez. 

The construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of November or early December.