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I can save my own life: Safety

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Courtney Witt
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
"I can save my own life" are words by which Staff Sgt. Peter Demkow of
the 734th Air Mobility Squadron lives.

As an information controller in the Air Terminal Operations Center, he
follows the motto of the 734th AMS which states "Safely by the book,
then on time."

"It means taking the necessary steps and precautions to prevent injury
to yourself, others aircraft, equipment or property," explained Sergeant
Demkow. "It means doing the job without cutting corners and
accomplishing tasks in a timely manner. It also means using your
personal protective equipment at all times. This includes hearing
protection, gloves, steal toe boots, reflective belts and light wands."

Sergeant Demkow applies this motto during off duty time as well.
He is an avid drag car racer and spends every Friday night at the Drag
Guam Race Track. He follows all the safety guidelines to a T each time
he races.

"I always wear a seatbelt or harness, helmet, long pants, close toed
shoes, and a fire jacket," he said.
In efforts to avoid negative impact on fellow coworkers, family and
friends, Sergeant Demkow follows safety guidelines both on and off duty.

"Everyone depends on me doing things safely - coworkers, aircrew,
passengers, anyone on the flight line and the Air Force as a whole," he
said. A loss of manning in the shop would put a larger burden on the
remaining people as the Air Force is doing more with less due to
manpower reductions while maintaining a high ops tempo and support for
the war."

Sergeant Demkow also considers the effect his actions would have on his
family if he were to do things unsafely.

"If something were to happen, it would be a burden on my family to care
for me. Especially since I live overseas, to have family move here to
help would put a financial burden on them along with all the other added
stress," he said. "The decisions you make daily can either have a very
positive or very negative impact not only for yourself but the others
around you."