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Joint forces take part in TRICRAB '08 EOD exercise

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Carissa Wolff
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
The TRICRAB '08 exercise held at Andersen South Sept. 14 to 18 brought together three different countries and five different agencies focusing on joint operations.

The acronym TRICRAB '08 has several meanings that combine to form its namesake - TRI, representing the three countries involved in the exercise, the United States, Australia, and Singapore and CRAB - a term for the badge all explosive ordinance disposal personnel wear upon graduation from EOD training. And finally, the two digit year is then added to indicate the year of the event.

TRICRAB is a 24-hour multi-national, joint service EOD training exercise, employing realistic scenarios garnered from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom designed to hone interoperability among U.S., Australia, and Singapore EOD forces. Training focuses on individual battle drills, reaction to direct and indirect fire, communication skills, tactical vehicle convoy operations and improvised explosive device and vehicle-born improvised explosive device tactics, techniques and procedures

Only part of the operation was located on Andersen AFB, according to Master Sgt. Kenneth Hester, the non-commissioned officer in charge of the 36th Mobility Response Squadron's EOD flight and TRICRAB '08 Air Force liaison, training camp coordinator and evaluator.

"The exercise consisted of two bases; one on Big Navy and one on Andy South," Sergeant Hester said. "The compound at Reserve Craft Beach on Big Navy serves as the 'main base' and houses the Command Operations Control Center. It conducts naval operations utilizing forces from all countries involved with convoy operations and base security provided by Naval Security teams and Guam Army National Guard teams."

"The compound on Andy South serves as a Forward Operating Base and houses the Tactical Operations Control Center," said Hester. " It conducts ground operations utilizing forces from U.S. and Australian forces with convoy operations and base security provided by Guam Army National Guard and support personnel provided by the U.S. Navy."

One portion of the exercise at Reserve Craft Beach had participants and evaluators from the U.S. Navy, Australian Navy, and Singapore Navy. This portion of the exercise also had security elements from the U.S. Navy and Guam Army National Guard.

"Improvised explosive devices are responsible for the most injuries and deaths for our military personnel in the field, so it's important that we get this training," said Spc. Phillip Escibano, Guam Army National Guard. "The training prepares us for mobilization during wartime situations in the field and helps with joint operations in the future."

The other portion of TRICRAB '08 at Andersen South had participants and evaluators from the U.S. Navy, Team Andersen and the Australian Navy. It also had security elements from Guam Army National Guard and support personnel provided by the U.S. Navy.

"This exercise is important not only to Andersen and its mission, it is vital to mission success of all countries involved," said Sergeant Hester. "With the joint environment of global operations, it is more important than ever for joint forces to work together before they fight together."

According to Hester the exercise not only utilizes scenarios from the current theaters, it also stresses communication obstacles found with joint operations, enhances interoperability, and hones current TTP.

Specifically for Team Andersen, it provides training for the base EOD technicians, making them better prepared and better trained, said Sergeant Hester.

The event is held every two years here on Guam. The exercise is annual and the other exercises are held alternatively in the other two countries when not on Guam.

TRICRAB '08 is a unique opportunity to train with our joint and coalition partners in a realistic environment with current scenarios, said Sergeant Hester.