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COMPACAF shares holiday message with Airmen

  • Published
  • By Gen. Howie Chandler
  • Pacific Air Forces commander
As the holiday season brings 2008 to a close, I offer my sincere thanks to our entire Pacific Air Forces team--military, civilians and family members--who make this command a cornerstone of our nation's security in the Pacific. It's been a challenging year in PACAF and for our Air Force as we've worked every day to achieve the highest standards of excellence.

We've been to China twice to offer the helping hand of humanitarian aid, and we've delivered supplies to Burma following their devastating hit from Cyclone Sidr. We've provided medical care to the furthest reaches of this theater, and we've rescued countless injured civilians from the waters of the Pacific to the ice sheets of Antarctica. We've trained with international partners at Red Flag-Alaska and during multiple bi-lateral exercises...and our senior officers and senior NCOs alike have engaged with their Chinese military counterparts as we seek to better understand each other.

It's been a year of building bridges while maintaining responsive combat airpower. We've done all this with a focus on precision and reliability. That's what our nation expects--anything less would be unacceptable. It's remarkable how our Airmen step up time and time again to prove that we are indeed the finest Air Force in the world.

During this holiday season, take extra time for two important responsibilities - taking care of ourselves and our families. As you celebrate with friends and family during the holidays, please take care of each other. The holiday season is a joyous time of year. Some, however, will spend the holidays far from home. In addition, please keep an eye out for your wingman--your efforts may prevent a needless accident or injury.

Eva-Marie and I thank you for what you do for our Air Force and keep all of you in our thoughts this holiday season. Be safe--your family, friends and Air Force need you back in 2009.