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734th AMS receives excellent ratings in ERI, LSEP

  • Published
  • 734th Air Mobility Squadron
The 734th Air Mobility Squadron completed a grueling week of inspections conducted by two Headquarters Air Mobility Command inspection teams Dec. 1-8. 

The AMC Inspector General conducted a compliance-based En Route Readiness Inspection while AMC A-4 conducted a Logistics Standardization and Evaluation Program focused on how well the 734th AMS performs its mission. 

The Airmen of the 734th AMS came through with flying colors and dazzled the inspectors with their "noteworthy professionalism, pride, and dedication to the global mobility mission." 

The squadron received an overall "Excellent" from both inspection teams. All subcategories were rated at least "Excellent" and several subareas were recognized as "Outstanding" 

Overall - Excellent
Maintenance - Excellent
Transportation Flight - Outstanding
ATSEV-QA - Outstanding
Port Operations - Outstanding 

Overall - Excellent
Readiness - Outstanding
Safety - Outstanding
ATSO - Excellent
Logistics - Excellent
Aerial Port - Excellent
Command and Control - Excellent 

ERI Exceptional Performers
Master Sgt. Scott MacKeller
Master Sgt. Troy Mueller
Master Sgt. Steve Roberts
Master Sgt. Juan Santos
Tech. Sgt. Brian Rodriquez
Tech. Sgt. Doug Younts
Staff Sgt. Nathan Coy
Staff Sgt. Stephen DSilva

ERI Team Recognition
Command and Control Team
Data Records Management Team
Maintenance Operations Center Team
Passenger Service Team
Support Section Management Team

LSEP Inspection Outstanding Performers
Tech. Sgt. Mike Carter
Tech. Sgt. Steve Franjesevic
Tech. Sgt. Adam Mitchell
Tech. Sgt. Matt Updegrave
Tech. Sgt. Doug Younts
Staff Sgt. Richard Bartlett
Staff Sgt. Louis Cardona
Staff Sgt. Mike Lewis
Staff Sgt. Rachel Malette
Senior Airman Amry Alatigy
Senior Airman Jeff Braden
Senior Airman Feroz Rehman
Senior Airman Zan Vergara
Airman 1st Class Leo Hernandez
Airman 1st Class Cody Plank
Ms. Sharon Gaytan
Mr. Ken Sablan 

This was a stellar inspection for the 734th AMS and represented the fruition of many hours of hard work and dedication by our Airmen.