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Star student: Eighth grader strives to keep local community at its best

  • Published
  • By Airman Carissa Wolff
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
Donovan Alger likes social studies, volleyball, soccer and basketball, but the eighth grader has aspirations to one day become a lawyer 

"I think I'll be a good lawyer because I question and argue about everything," Donovan said. "It's really fun to try and find every point of view about a subject. If someone takes everyone's point of view into account they usually end up with a solution, and I want to use those solutions to help people in need of legal counsel." 

Donovan's teachers selected the Andersen Middle School student as a star student for his dedication to the classroom, his conduct within the classroom and his volunteer efforts.

"He has and uses a lot of good manners," said Elizabeth Cruz, Donovan's eighth grade Chamorro culture class teacher. "He always tries to help out in class. I wish I had a whole class of Donovans. He's always saying 'Please' and 'Thank you.'"

Donovan often finishes his classroom tasks early and uses his extra time to help fellow students or his teachers.

"Donovan always asks me if I need help when he finishes his work early," Ms. Cruz said. "He excels in every subject and has a 4.0 grade point average. He often helps his classmates with their assignments, often explaining the material to them to help them better understand."

Donovan also has a love of his local community.

"I volunteer with the Yigo mayor's office every other Saturday," Donovan said. "I also recently volunteered with the Special Olympics." 

Donovan elaborated on his volunteer efforts, saying that trash pick-up is one of his favorites. 

"I love volunteering for any kind of trash or coastal clean-up because it keeps my island clean," Donovan said. "As a Guam resident it is my duty to help keep the community clean, not just for myself but others. It's also very important to keep clean because entire wildlife ecosystems depend on a clean environment."