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Guam DJ chosen as voice of Andersen's air show

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Brian Bahret
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
With more than 40,000 people expected to attend the Team Andersen Air Show '09 on Sept. 30, hearing the narration becomes as important as seeing the performers.

While Thunderbird F-16s and an F-22 Raptor are among the aircraft delivering high-intensity aerial demonstrations, Shimbros has the solution to counter the raw power from their engines - a high-quality sound system and a Guam radio DJ whose voice overpowers all but the loudest noises.

Shimbros was recently awarded the contact to deliver quality sound, hospitality equipment and a narrator to the air show.

Shimbros has decided that Hit Radio 100's morning host Rick Nauta from the "Rick and Ronnie" show is a perfect fit to narrate Andersen's air show, according to Master Sgt. Jason Chambers, 36th Communications Squadron.

"It works out great that it's somebody from a morning show," he said. "They're able to improvise and go on the fly as well as inform and entertain. Not everybody can do that. That's what's great about an on-air personality; they're accustomed to handling that type of event."

With a booming voice, strong family ties on Guam, and an understanding of the military, Mr. Nauta said he was a natural fit for the Shimbros contract.

"I talk loudly," he said. "Planes are even louder than I am, but barely. I have 24 years of experience hosting events, beauty pageants, car shows, grand openings, ladies' nights and over two hundred holiday celebrations and golf tournaments for charity. I feel that I have the right attitude for this event, as well, with my interesting observations and youthful Air Force experiences."

Sergeant Chambers who has worked several air shows said he knows Mr. Nauta's efforts will be appreciated.

"It says a lot that he's willing to come out here and do the show," Sergeant Chambers said. "There're a lot of folks who will come out and listen to the show. They'll know and be familiar with who he is and they'll be comfortable with what it is that he says."

A self-proclaimed military brat, Mr. Nauta has a personal interest in the air show and the aircraft that will be on display for all Guam residents and visitors.

"The Air Force has a few new toys on the tarmac and I am looking forward to seeing the F-22 and the demonstrations by the various military teams," he said. "This is the first time in a few years that the Air Force has opened the base for a show."

Andersen's last air show was in 2004.

"This air show does not happen every year, and that's the neat thing about it," said Mr. Nauta. "With the Air Force and the military's missions throughout the world, it is important to take advantage of this rare opportunity to get a glimpse of the planes, the men and women of the Air Force and the work that they do all in one place."

He added the air show is a great opportunity for kids.

"There are kids out there who have reached an age of discovery and this is a great way to fire up their imaginations," Mr. Nauta said. "I enjoy watching the kids' faces light up when they see a jet or a C-5 Galaxy for the first time up close. Children show the most sincere pleasure when they see things for the very first time."

Themed "Air Power over the Marianas," Andersen's air show will feature many aircraft and displays from the Air Force. Additionally, the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Guam National Guard, and U.S. Department of Agriculture are participating with ground demonstrations, static displays and other aerial contributions.

With Mr. Nauta announcing the air show, the variety of displays and performances planned, and Shimbros' combined equipment and professional expertise, the air show will be one to remember, Sergeant Chambers said

Jeni Shimizu, Shimbros general manager, agreed.

"Air Power over the Marianas is an event everyone can enjoy and is a different kind of 'entertainment'," she said.

A performance sure to thrill the audience is the addition of an F-22 Raptor aerial demonstration. This presentation will showcase the capabilities of the Air Force's newest, most advanced stealth fighter. Guests will also have the opportunity to see a second Raptor which will be available for pictures.

"The resolve of the Air Force and the investment of valuable resources to bring some of its most sophisticated aircraft and talented pilots in close proximity with Americans not only helps with public awareness, but fosters a new level of patriotism that you just have to feel - you just have to be there," Mrs. Shimizu said. "We are happy to be a part of this project because we get to be there - right in the middle of the action!"

Andersen's air show is designed to thank the residents on Guam and the Marianas Islands for their continued support.

"I would encourage families to come to this air show because we, on Guam, share a special relationship with the military," said Mr. Nauta. "Ours is like no other relationship in the world because of the patriotism of the Chamorro people. This is another way to strengthen that relationship and to learn a few things ... and take a day off in the middle of the week!"

Base visitors will also have the opportunity to meet representatives of the military community on Guam, see a variety of the equipment the military uses and how they're employed throughout the Pacific region.

"As Americans living in this part of the world, it's important for all us of to understand our unique strategic location," Mrs. Shimizu said. "Experiencing the power and prowess of our Air Force will help Guamanians feel safe."

More information on the air show is available at www.andersen.af.mil.

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