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Special agent recognized as ‘Top Performer’

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Shane Dunaway
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
Special Agent Kimberly Price, Air Force Office of Special Investigations Detachment 602 superintendent, prides herself on her mentorship and leadership and it does not go unnoticed by Special Agent Drew Sanguinetti, AFOSI Det. 602 commander, who recently recognized Agent Price as his unit's 'Top Performer.' 

Agent Price manages the daily operations of the detachment, including mentoring and training her fellow special agents. Agent Price assists in coordination with other base agencies such as the 36th Wing legal office and other federal agencies to ensure mission success to identify, exploit and neutralize criminal, counterintelligence and terrorist threats to the installation. 

"She is a representative of all our agents here and their dedication and hard work," Agent Sanguinetti said. "She's a standout performer in her ability to manage the detachment's investigation and operations on a day-to-day basis. An effective leader has a certain quality of being able to communicate with their subordinates in their units and she has that unique ability to provide direction and mentorship effectively, keeping investigations on track and the office running smoothly." 

A 16-year Air Force veteran from Newark, Ohio, Agent Price arrived at Andersen in October 2007 after previous assignments to Andrews, Yokoto and Edwards Air Force Bases as well as a stint in Qatar. Agent Price began her career in services before retraining into the OSI career field. 

"Initially, I joined the Air Force because I was just looking for something to do," Agent Price said. "I knew I needed to get a start on my education. My father was Army and served in the Korean War. Both my brothers were Navy. Both my uncles were Air Force, so basically my whole family was military. It was a logical choice for me." 

Education has been at the forefront for Agent Price. She has earned her bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Bellevue University and is currently working toward a master's degree in international relations with a concentration in national security affairs from Troy University. 

"Online is really the only way I can do it," Agent Price said. "When I was in Maryland, I tried to sit in classes. I sat down one evening to study and then [the work phone] went off and [the person calling] said 'We have to go to the base.' I had to go and wasn't able to study. Online courses are a lot more flexible and easier." 

When she's not pursuing her education or providing expert leadership, Agent Price said she enjoys scuba diving, reading, watching movies and providing her mentorship capabilities assisting the First Sergeant's Council. Of those activities, scuba diving is her favorite, having earned her certification on-island. 

"Since I arrived here, I've done more than 135 dives here in Guam," Agent Price said.
Agent Price's future goals include progressing in rank, ultimately to the rank of chief. She attributed much of her success to the team members she leads daily. 

"I'm flattered that my boss selected me," Agent Price said. "I know there are a lot of folks on Andersen who do an excellent job every day and aren't always recognized. While I do manage the day-to-day operations of the detachment, it's the folks in it that are out pounding the pavement and getting things done. We certainly wouldn't be a successful unit without the rest of the agents in here doing what they do every day."

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