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Hot off the press! The counterintelligence restricted report

  • Published
  • By AFOSI Detachment 602
The Air Force Office of Special Investigations Detachment 602 needs your help! As a servicemember, military dependent, U.S. Government employee, retiree or government contractor, you have access to information of value to the adversaries of our country.

Foreign intelligence and security services can exploit even the slightest piece of seemingly harmless data to the detriment of the United States Government. Did you know that intelligence services routinely go to great lengths to determine individual traits and habits of targeted individuals? A foreign entity may utilize your personal tastes and preferences as leverage; leverage used to blackmail you and coerce your involvement in activity you would not otherwise consider.

For those who live and travel throughout the South Pacific and South East Asia (including Guam), it is important to remember your potential exposure to intelligence activities when visiting adult entertainment venues. Locations like nightclubs, massage parlors, karaoke bars and strip-clubs offer an excellent platform from which our adversaries may seek to exploit your association with the U.S. Government. Did you know that AFOSI does not conduct criminal investigation into unlawful sexual acts between consenting adults? If you believe you, or someone you know, has encountered a questionable situation at an adult entertainment venue, it is possible to make a "counterintelligence restricted report".

A counterintelligence restricted report allows individuals to report contact of a questionable nature to AFOSI, without fearing self-incrimination for otherwise unauthorized activities lying outside of AFOSI's investigative purview (i.e. adultery, prostitution).

Why, you might ask, should I utilize an opportunity like the counterintelligence (CI) restricted report? For an answer you need look no further than Air Force Instruction 71-101, Volume 4. Per this instruction, U.S. Air Force personnel must report the following categories of incidents to AFOSI within 30 days of occurrence:

· Personal contact with an individual (regardless of nationality) which suggests that a foreign intelligence or any terrorist organization may have targeted them or others for possible intelligence exploitation.

· A request by anyone (regardless of nationality)for illegal or unauthorized accesss to classified or unclassified controlled information.

· Contact with a known or suspected intelligence officer to include attaches from any country.

· Contact for any reason, other than for official duties, with a foreign diplomatic establishment whether in the U.S. or abroad.

· Activities related to the planned, attempted, actual, or suspected espionage, terrorism unauthorized technology transfer, sabotage, sedition, subversion, spying, treason or other unlawful intelligence activities targeted against Department of the Air Force,other U.S. facilities, organizations or U.S. citizens.

· Information indicating military members, civilians employees or DoD contractors have contemplated, attempted, or effected the deliberate compromise or unauthorized release of classified or unclassified controlled information.

· Unauthorized intrusion into U.S. automated information systems, whether classified or unclassified; unauthorized transmissions of classified or unclassified controlled information with regard to medium, destination or origin.

· Unauthorized attempts to bypass automated information systems security devices or functions, unauthorized request for passwords, or unauthorized installation of modems or other devices into automated information systems (including telephone systems) whether classified or unclassified.

Please remember that U.S. servicemembers, DoD civilians and DoD contractors may be subject to criminal investigation under the Uniform Code of Military Justice or the United States Code for failing to report any of the above mentioned reportable situations.

You are the counterintelligence eyes and ears of the United States Air Force! By instituting the CI restriced report AFOSI hopes to encourage the early and frequent reporting of notable issues and contacts. Identifying and reporting a concern early is the key to preventing a small issue from becoming a huge one. We are here to help! Call AFOSI Detachment 602 at 366-2987, or after duty-hours at 366-2910.