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Sexual Assault Message to Airmen

  • Published
  • By Gen. Norton A. Schwartz
  • U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff
Sexual Assault Awareness Month reminds us to renew our collective and
individual commitment to our core values and to focus on promoting an
environment that prevents sexual assault. Sexual assault is criminal
behavior that violates the basic tenets of our profession. There is no
place in our Air Force for this crime.

All Airmen have an enduring responsibility to foster a climate of dignity
and respect, and one that fosters an environment of accountability in which
victims feel comfortable coming forward. We will support and protect the
rights of victims and we will provide the best medical, legal, and
investigative services available in both the military and civilian
communities. As Wingmen and engaged bystanders, we must also intervene when
we recognize a potentially unsafe situation emerge so that we ensure the
well-being of all Airmen.

Sexual assault directly undermines our core values, erodes the trust and
confidence upon which our institution is built, and diminishes our mission
readiness. I expect each member of our great Air Force to promote and
ensure a culture that does not tolerate sexual assault.not now, not ever.