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36 EAMXS breaks records

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Marianique Santos
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
The 36th Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Squadron have maintained an outstanding maintenance scheduling effectiveness rate of 99 percent, surpassing the standard of 95, on Andersen since their arrival in April.

The 36 EAMXS, which is currently comprised of members from the 69th Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Unit from Minot Air Force Base, N.D., have been on island to support of the 69th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron Continuous Bomber Presence.

During their deployment, the 36 EAMXS contributed to two B-52s successfully flying 20 consecutive sorties without a maintenance abort during a deployment. This earned the maintainers and the crew of the B-52s that successfully accomplished the feat the "Nine-O-Nine" Award; a testament to the hard work and outstanding maintenance that 36 EAMXS have put forth day in and day out.

"The maintainers on this rotation have met all the challenges that they have been given and have consistently provided quality maintenance," said Capt. Meghan Bailey, 36 EAMXS officer in charge. "From the feedback we've been getting from permanent party leadership, they couldn't ask for more than the performance that the maintainers have given."

The 36 EAMXS also contributed to surpassing the standard B-52 mission capable rate at Andersen. The awards and accomplishments are due in part to continuously overcomeing challenges in the duration of the deployment.

"One of the main challenges has to do with the availability of certain parts," said Tech. Sgt. Roger Phelps, 36 EAMXS aircraft section chief. "Over in Minot there are more assets and tools available. We usually have to wait a number of days to receive the parts coming from the United States."

The 36 EAMXS adaptability and quality performance contributed in the successful accomplishment of the following the exercises and events they have participated in, including 36th Wing Combat Ammunition Production Exercise, U.S. Marine Corps Exercise Geiger Fury, Australia B-52 Air Show Fly Over and Rim of the Pacific 2012.

"Just this month, we are participating in a Rim of the Pacific exercise, a large force exercise that requires us to have B-52s fixed and ready to fly long duration sorties from Guam and back while simultaneously sustaining local sorties," said Captain Bailey.

Sergeant Phelps attributes the squadron's success to the diverse background and experience of the 36 EAMXS Airmen. He also said that the recent influx of fighter aircraft maintainers filling in slots in the bomber side also helped the squadron become more resourceful, proficient and expeditious.

"We've had fighter aircraft maintenance fill manning slots in Minot, so we've been getting people who've had years of mechanical experience," said Sergeant Phelps. "Some of the guys brought different perspectives on solving problems. It's a different mentality, but they have done a good job in adapting."

A little over half-way through their deployment, the 36 EAMXS have also accumulated a total of four individual and team wing level awards.

"Many of these guys have never been here before," said Captain Bailey. "It's a different working environment and climate. The way they've adjusted and made the mission happen in a short amount of time is remarkable. Our maintainers just come in on their shifts, click on all cylinders, take off and make everything look easy."

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