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Avoiding potential risks keeps drivers safe

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Mariah Haddenham
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
Driving hazards are often avoidable and the 36th Wing safety office, along with the Air Force as a whole, are sharing their safety concerns.

"Our goal here at Andersen is to prevent future mishaps by arming Airmen and their families with the knowledge of all the possible driving risks, allowing them the opportunity to prepare and possibly avoid these dangers," said Lt. Col. Adrienne Williams, 36th Wing chief of safety.

Safety is a concern for all Air Force members. Sadly, in the Air Force, more than 40 Airmen have died in off-duty mishaps this year, including 27 killed in motor vehicle accidents. According to top Air Force officials, many of these tragic losses may have been preventable and were the result of reckless behavior such as excessive speed, irresponsible alcohol use, failure to use proper safety gear or inattention.

"The most common cause of accidents on Andersen AFB would be inattentive driving," said Tyrone Groce, 36th Wing Security Forces Squadron report and analysis section. "The second most common cause is speeding in unfavorable weather conditions and the third is drivers backing out without checking for oncoming traffic."

Members of Team Andersen can avoid accidents by following the rules of the road. This includes paying attention to road conditions, remaining vigilant in both school zones and housing areas, and reducing speed in unfavorable weather conditions.

According to Security Forces Officials, driving hazards specific to Andersen include driving too fast during bad weather and failing to yield to traffic in the Andersen roundabouts. In events where patrols respond to the scene of an accident, they find the accident is most commonly caused by a lack of attention to detail while behind the wheel.

"When entering housing, drivers should be on the lookout for children and joggers on the roadway without the proper reflective gear," said Mr. Groce. "Wildlife running across the road is also common on Arc Light Boulevard, near the Landfill entrance."

Following traffic laws and remaining vigilant while driving will lead to a decrease in

"We are trying to educate Airmen and their families about all driving safety issues they could face while on Guam," said Colonel Williams. "This is our way of taking preventative measures to keep Team Andersen safe."

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