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Voluntary applications for retraining accepted through Oct. 5, 2012

  • Published
  • 36th Wing Public Affairs
Two weeks left to volunteer for retraining

Noncommissioned officers in unrestricted career fields affected by the
fiscal year 2013 NCO Retraining Program have 2 weeks remaining to volunteer
for retraining. NCOs who volunteer during Phase I have more opportunities
to choose their next career field than those who "wait and see" if
retraining will be necessary.

During Phase I, Airmen in unrestricted career fields may apply for any
shortage career fields listed on the retraining advisory, if they meet
requirements. Voluntary applications will be accepted only through 5 Oct 12.

During Phase II, the AFPC Total Force Service Center will immediately begin
selecting a retraining AFSC from the most qualified and vulnerable Airmen
involuntarily, in order to meet the remaining objectives.

Encourage those personnel who are still on the Master Vulnerability List,
who have not been approved for retraining, to volunteer for a career
field(s) that has a retraining-in objective. If they wait, they could be
involuntarily retrained into a career field they have no desire to be in.

The master vulnerability list is available on the virtual Military Personnel
Flight website, accessible via the Air Force Portal or the myPers website.
To access the secure site and for more information about retraining and
other personnel issues, go to the myPers website:

Sent on behalf of AFPC Retraining Office