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Driving safe on Andersen’s airfield

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Rachel Bader
  • 36th Operations Support Squadron
Certain practices and skills are necessary in order to be safe drivers. Sharing a road with multi-million dollar aircraft while paying attention to unique light signals and road signs could makes the process more challenging, which is why driving on Andersen's airfield requires special training and certifications.

After the unit commander identifies the personnel's need for airfield driving privilege, each driver trains with their unit airfield driving program manager. Once all training requirements have been met, personnel are then certified by airfield management and issued an airfield driver's license, also known as the AF483 competency card.

The license must be carried by the driver when performing duties on the airfield as proof they have been properly trained and granted permission to drive on active runways.

One of the major reasons for this training is to prevent a runway incursion, which occurs when a driver enters an active runway without the permission of the tower. At best, incursions cause delays in aircraft taking off or landing. At worst, a driver could lose their life or the lives of personnel aboard the aircraft.

Here are some safety tips on airfield driving:
-- Always make sure you have explicit permission from the aircraft control tower to enter active runways. Don't assume that just because someone else was given permission, that you are also clear.
-- If you don't understand instructions given by the tower, ask them to repeat their transmission.
-- If part of the transmission came through garbled, don't assume. Ask the tower to resend the information.
-- Know and pay attention to light signals.

Andersen has been fortunate that runway incursions haven't caused any incidents, but that doesn't mean personnel may be negligent. It's up to each driver to know and understand requirements of airfield driving to avoid the loss of resources and risking the safety of personnel.

For more information, contact a unit airfield driving program manager or 36th Operations Support Squadron Airfield Management Office at 366-4188.

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