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Answering the call, Andersen’s 2018 Military Vanguard award winner


The fight-or-flight response enables humans to respond quickly to a wide variety of stressful, life-threatening situations but not everybody responds the same.


For Staff Sgt. Joey J.C. Pecha, 734th Air Mobility Squadron aerospace propulsion technician, this response has been tested twice in near life or death situations. In both cases, Pecha did not shy away, instead he worked through the stress and saved the lives of two individuals.


For his actions, Pecha was nominated for the Non Commissioned Officers Association’s Vanguard award that was presented April 22, 2018. The award, which is presented annually to recognize one Noncommissioned Officer from each of the uniformed services, is made to honor those individuals who have performed a particularly heroic act that resulted in the saving of a life or the prevention of serious injury.


While participating in a half-marathon on Guam, Pecha came upon a disoriented runner and, after recognizing she was in distress, immediately began to assess the victim’s condition. The victim was suffering a heat stroke and severe dehydration. Pecha, the first on the scene, cared for the distressed runner until emergency services arrived.


“In the moment, I was very calm,” Pecha said. “I just stopped and said ‘Okay, this is what I was trained on’ and I knew I needed to stay calm. I owe it to the SABC (Self-Aid Buddy Care) course, everything I knew came from that.”


The U.S. Air Force’s Self-Aid Buddy Care course is a lifesaving training course each Airman receives yearly. SABC encompasses basic life support and limb-saving techniques that can be performed in an emergency situation.


The second time Pecha found himself in a position to act, Pecha was driving to pick up his daughter from school and was directly behind a car accident. Immediately jumping into action, he ensured the scene was safe and stepped into a command role over the accident helping injured passengers and prepping the victim for emergency services.


“When I got onto the scene, the accident had just happened. Three of the four passengers had already begun exiting the vehicle when I noticed the driver was still in distress,” Pecha said. “She was completely out of it and was losing consciousness.”


After working to get the pinned door open, Pecha began checking for the ABC’s (airway, breathing and circulation) as the victim lost consciousness still in the car. Pecha quickly began life saving, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and was able to get the victim to come to. The victim began complaining of extreme neck pain and was going into shock.


“I knew I needed to find a way to isolate her neck to stop the movement,” Pecha said. “I reached into the back and made a make-shift neck brace from school books. Again, my Air Force training just kicked in and I was able to think clearly on what I needed to do.”


Pecha is a Guam native and has been an active member of his community since being stationed back here five years ago. Ensuring his Airmen and peers are trained and capable of helping others is one way he gives back to the community.


“In the middle of everything, I noticed some people who wanted to help but couldn’t or didn’t know what to do,” Pecha said. “Having the proper training can make the difference in a life or death situation every day. We in the military have a duty to be prepared physically and mentally to help not only our fellow Airmen but anyone that needs it.”

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It’s that time of year again when parents and children are preparing to go back to school. 26 Aug. starts the 1st day of school for Team Andersen children. With that said, please take extreme precaution while driving in the school zone. Please see school zone safety tips below: - Be on the lookout for school zone signals and ALWAYS obey the speed limits. - When entering a school zone, be sure to SLOW DOWN and obey all traffic laws. - Always stop for school buses that are loading or unloading children. - BE AWARE of and watch out for children near schools, bus stops, sidewalks, in the streets, in school parking lots, etc.
Members assigned to the 36 Force Support Squadron, SSgt Cherise Hood, SSgt Joshua Parnell and SrA Alyssa Ross, recently represented Joint Region Marianas at the Tenth Annual Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) Culinary Competition at Naval Station Great Lakes. The culinary competition consisted of twelve teams of three chefs that were declared as the best of their Navy region. The trio ultimately snatched second place for overall performance and took home third place in the culinary competition. Their winnings included three fine-dining cookbooks, a garnishing kit, a knife set and 24 education hours from the American Culinary Federation. (courtesy photos) #foodservices #culinaryskills #36FSS
Thank you Civil Engineers for you what you do and continue to #LeadTheWay
If you want to hit the gym but don't like waiting for equipment, check out the Annex Fitness Center! It's open 24/7 and all you need is a PIN code. Register your military ID at the annex during their manned hours to recieve your code. Staffed annex hours: Monday-Friday 6am-9am and 4pm-7pm. Located next to the base library. See ya at the gym!
Andersen AFB will be conducting a routine exercise from 20-22 Aug. Please expect delays at all gates and announcements across the public address system.
Team Andersen is thankful for all the thoughts and prayers given the last couple of days, and we are glad to report that the Defender is healthy and doing well. We thank all our Defenders who protect our base personnel and families, allowing the mission to drive on each day. Our training and partnership with the Guam Police Department is also an invaluable asset. Resources are available to those affected by these circumstances. Remember you are never alone, and help is always available. Visit Andersen Helping Agencies - AHA for more information.
Remembering the last “Skyblazer”
Gate runner pronounced dead ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE, Guam – At approximately 7:52 a.m. local time today, the suspect was pronounced deceased on scene while receiving medical attention by emergency medical personnel. At approximately 7:35 p.m., Aug. 14, a suspect charged the front gate while being pursued by the Guam Police Department. The suspect crashed their vehicle while attempting to force their way through the gate, abandoned their vehicle, and then proceeded to flee on foot into the nearby jungle area. 36th Security Forces Squadron initiated base lockdown procedures and began the search for the suspect along with GPD. The suspect attempted to evade patrols in the jungle. 36th SFS’s members and GPD located the suspect on base and initiated an arrest. The suspect responded aggressively attacking the arresting officers and stabbed a Department of Defense civilian security forces member. The suspect was subsequently shot by the officer in self-defense. “While apprehending a suspect, our defenders were compelled to use lethal force for their own defense, resulting in the death of the suspect,” said Brig. General Gentry Boswell, 36th Wing commander. “We value the importance of every life and are thankful for the courage our Defenders display in the safe conduct of their duties protecting our personnel and families.” There is an ongoing investigation into this incident and additional information may be provided when available. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service and Air Force Office of Special Investigation are working together with Security Forces and Guam Police Department to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident and the use of force.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Police chase suspect shot at Andersen Air Force Base during apprehension. At approximately 6:35 a.m. local time, the search for the suspect involved in a high-speed police chase last night with Guam Police Department ended when he was located by a team of security forces members here. The individual crashed into the barriers on Andersen AFB and attempted to flee on foot. During apprehension, the suspect responded aggressively and stabbed a Department of Defense civilian security forces member. The suspect was subsequently shot by base security during the altercation. The suspect was transported by ambulance to civilian hospital. “Our top priority is to ensure the safety of Team Andersen, our service members and families,” said Brig. Gen. Gentry Boswell, 36th Wing commander. “We are proud of our partnerships in place and for the swift actions taken by our security forces members in conjunction with local law enforcement.” There is an ongoing investigation into this incident and additional information may be provided when available. The Air Force Office of Special Investigation is working together with Andersen AFB security forces and the Guam Police Department. Please direct any inquiries to the Public Affairs office at (671) 366-2228.
Main Gate Closure Real World for Andersen AFB Anderesen AFB Main Gate is closed for emergency personel only until further notice. Utilize other gates for entry and exit to Andersen AFB.
At approximately 7:35 p.m. local time, a civilian suspect attempted to enter Andersen Air Force Base at the main gate after fleeing from the Guam Police Department, the suspect crashed his vehicle when members of the 36th Security Forces Squadron activated emergency defensive barriers. Andersen Air Force Base was placed on lockdown as a safety precaution. Security Forces and local law enforcement responded to the scene of the crash, secured the area and opened the main gate road. The all clear has been issued and normal operations have resumed.
As of right now, every gate but the back gate is open. Traffic is slowly flowing & all outbound traffic is being searched.
ALL CLEAR ALL CLEAR ALL CLEAR Immediate threat has passed. The lockdown for Andersen AFB has been lifted. Thank you for your patience while Andersen AFB responders ensured the safety of our base. ALL CLEAR ALL CLEAR ALL CLEAR
LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN Andersen AFB is in a base wide lockdown. All base personnel implement lockdown procedures and immediately take shelter. Remain indoors and keep all entry ways locked. This is not an exercise! We will provide further updates as we receive them.
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CBD is non-psychotropic, meaning it does not produce the high associated with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive component of marijuana. Also, IAW AFI 1-1, members are not allowed to use CBD or any other substance (other than alcohol or tobacco) to become intoxicated or alter their mood or function. This is a violation of Art 92 failure to obey order or regulation. STAY AWAY FROM CBD!!! #sayno2CBD #sayno2drugs #CBDisbad
Andersen never sleeps! The 36th EAMXS operates around the clock to make sure that the mission gets done. Night shift workers are given work that cannot be completed during the day because of time restraints, and complete a wide range of task during their shift.
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