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Andersen Air Force Base to participate in exercise Citadel Pacific

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  • 36th Wing Public Affairs

Andersen Air Force Base is scheduled to participate in Citadel Pacific, an annual Anti-Terrorism Exercise here, July 31 through Aug. 4.


During Exercise CP17, expect elevated Force Protection Conditions (FPCON), Residents and patrons are advised that during the week, exercise response may result in increased ID card checks at the gates.  increased ID card checks, increased noise and activity to include sound effects, messages from loud speakers, sirens and noise from alert vehicles. Visual effects such as smoke may also be visible.


This annual exercise is designed to enhance the training, readiness and capability of first responders and Airmen.  Exercise CP17 is not in response to any specific threat, but is a regularly scheduled exercise.  Wing inspection team members will be on scene during base-wide exercise scenarios to ensure public safety.


In the event of a real situation, the exercise will be terminated and the base will be notified.  All official notifications will be disseminated through the official Andersen Air Force Base Facebook page, AtHoc notification system and the base loud speakers.


For more the most updated information and scenario notifications, please follow us on facebook.com/36WGPA or contact the 36th Wing Public Affairs via email at 36WG.PA2@us.af.mil and at 671-366-2228.




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