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36th Contingency Response Squadron

36th Contingency Response Squadron - Andersen Air Force Base

Mission: Provide rapidly deployable Airbase Opening in order to initiate and sustain mobility airlift operations anywhere in the Pacific Area of Operations.

The 36th Contingency Response Squadron includes these flights:



Operations Support Flight

    -Provides leadership for small teams as well as timely coordination of cargo, passengers, and aircraft ground requirements; testing and analyzing of pavement conditions and subgrade strengths; order, issue, and accountability of essential items; full-spectrum personnel support and program management, in garrison and while deployed.



Maintenance Flight

    -Provides periodic maintenance inspections, camp oversight, design, and beddown; communication support; Aircraft and Vehicle maintenance; and flight line ground support capabilities in austere locations ensuring mission success and sustainability.



Aerial Port Flight

    -Provides well trained and rapidly deployable forces in response to short-notice taskings to plan, document, inspect, and track equipment and personnel, as well as on-load and off-load aircrafts during exercises and contingency operations.



Training and Evaluation Flight

    -Develops and maintains a high state of mission readiness for immediate and effective employment during contingency and Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief Operations through training and evaluation of published standards and procedures.



Intel/Communication Flight

    -Provides situational awareness of the operational environment and ground-to-air, ground-to-ground, and reach-back communications capabilities. All-source threat information is researched, analyzed, and disseminated to leadership, Additionally, the flight is responsible for the set-up, operation, and break-down of expeditionary communications systems and equipment, providing the unit, and external users, the ability to utilize a vast array of communication methods.



Current Operations Flight

    -Provides logistics support, command and control, financial expertise, and deployment readiness capabilities to ensure the successful deployment, operational success, and re-deployment of the 36th Mobility Response Squadron and the 36th Contingency Response Group personnel.



Expeditionary Medical Flight

    -Assures force health and delivers world class expeditionary medical care and training anytime, anywhere. We also strive towards being the global authority on austere medical care and force protection.