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337th Air Support Flight

The Mission of the 337th Air Support Flight (ASUF) is to act as the in-country administrator and supervisor for the USAF Pacific Personnel Exchange Program. Additionally, the 337th ASUF provides logistical support to all Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines and DoD civilian personnel as well as administratively support USAF active duty and retired personnel within Australia.

The 337th is a small organization with an all encompassing mission. In order to accomplish its mission, the 337th has prioritized its responsibilities into four distinct areas. They are Legal, Transportation, Finance, and Personnel.

The legal office provides:
Traditional legal office functions performed non-traditional ways
-- Legal Assistance and Notary Service; Personnel Claims; Military Justice
Administration of Status of Forces Agreement (Agreement made in 1963 between governments of Australia and the U.S. -- Defines status of U.S. forces posted in Australia and addresses issues including foreign claims act) processes; foreign criminal jurisdiction; customs, import duties, and tax issues -- Work with Australian Solicitors on claims filed against U.S. government
-- Legal representative for all foreign criminal jurisdiction cases
-- Australian law violations v. Military law violations
-- Assist with legal interpretations Australian Customs and Tax Laws
-- Goods & Services Tax

The transportation office:
Manages transportation for all Australia
-- $7M annual movement business
-- Responsible for over 200 HHG shipments (except Alice Springs) and over 2000 airline tickets per year
-- Shipments include personnel, household goods, POVs, and DoD cargo to over 20 locations
-- Manages Motorpass fuel tax refunds for all Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) personnel

The Finance office:
Prepares and monitors 337 ASUF operating budget
-- Monitors $90K operating budget, MWR account
-- Processes operating expense/transportation vouchers
-- Prepares USAF travel vouchers for payment
-- Manage government travel card for all DoD personnel
Point of contact for Per Diem, Travel, and Transportation Allowance Committee for adjusting allowances in Australia
Administers DoD Dependent Schools Program

-- Processes tuition/reimbursable expense vouchers for students annually

The Personnel office:
Directs personnel actions for USAF members
-- Leave, assignments, PCS orders, DEERS, ID
Provides personnel assistance to USAF & DOD personnel--approximately 100 requests per year
Provides personnel/TRICARE information and support to all AD personnel in Australia (Det 421, Det 1 AFWA, APO, Det 1, 735 AMSS)
TRICARE point-of-contact for USAF claims and benefits
Medical/Dental claims and Medevac
Normally managed by medical administrative staff