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337 ASF - Orientations/Briefings

337th Assigned Personnel - all personnel will arrive in Canberra and in process with the 337 ASUF and the US Embassy Human Resource Office

Exchange Officers - Please refer to AFI 16-607, International Personnel Exchange Program (PEP) for policy guidance between the USAF and foreign forces AFI 16-107 PEP Program. All exchange officers are required to go TDY to HQ PACAF/XPZE, Hickam AFB, HI enroute to Australia to complete indoctrination and briefings. Member may either fly directly to Canberra or proceed to their duty location and then process at a later date. If member opts to inprocess at a later date, member must contact 337 ASUF Personnel and Finance offices ASAP to complete mandatory pre-inprocessing actions (i.e. travel voucher, duty status/arrival message).