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337 ASF Leave





SUBJECT: Leave Policy Letter

1. PURPOSE. This policy letter establishes LEAVE policy and procedures to assure accountability for USAF Exchange Officers and USAF Professional Military Education (PME) Students serving in Australia, as well as members of the 337th Air Support Flight.

2. AUTHORITY. AFI 16-107, International Exchange Program (PEP) and AFI 36-3003, Military Leave Program.

3. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH POLICY AND PROCEDURES. Failure to comply with policy and procedures outlined in this policy letter can subject the member to delayed LEAVE approval, being charged for LEAVE, or UCMJ action. It can also delay the member's receipt of emergency notification messages.

4. CANCELLATION. This policy letter and supersedes any previous verbal or written guidance.


5.1 Members shall not leave Australia without being in a LEAVE or TDY status.

5.2 Leave Begins and Ends in the Local Area. The local area is the place where the member lives and from which he or she commutes to the duty station.

5.3 All personnel shall provide 337 ASUF/DP with a telephone contact number and address, whenever they will be absent from their primary residence for more than 24 hours without being in a LEAVE or TDY status. This assures accountability in case of emergencies.


6.1 Use of Leave. The use of leave is essential to the morale and motivation of members and for maintaining maximum effectiveness. Lengthy respites from the work environment tend to have a beneficial effect on an individual's psychological and physical status. Weekend absences (regular pass) or short periods of leave do not normally afford a similar degree of relief. All USAF personnel are encouraged to take a minimum of one extended LEAVE period (10-14 days) per year to assure adequate personal rest and refreshment from their daily routines.

6.2 USAF Exchange Officers and PME Students. USAF PEP and PME students serving in Australia, in general, are not able to observe US holiday periods. The decision to allow US officers to observe US holidays rests solely with the RAAF (or ADF) commanders of each exchange officer or PME student.


7.1 Exchange Officers and PME Students Leave and Passes.

7.1.1 The host service grants leave and passes to exchange personnel in accordance with parent service guidelines

7.1.2 Exchange personnel may observe the holiday schedule of the parent service and the host service if mutually agreed upon by the services.

7.1.3 Coordinate LEAVE or PASS with appropriate RAAF supervisor/commander. Apply for LEAVE by sending a leave request to 337 ASUF/CC by e-mail. Indicate leave has been coordinated with RAAF supervisor/commander. Include your leave address, emergency phone number, and inclusive dates in the e-mail. 337 ASUF/CC, will in turn forward approved leave to 337 ASUF/DP, who will then input leave in LEAVE WEB. Part III, member's copy, will be provided for personnel taking leave out-of-country. Upon returning from LEAVE, send an e-mail to 337 ASUF/CC to advise of your return and whether or not there has been any change to your leave. 337 ASUF/CC will fwd to DP to update in LEAVE WEB with the information provided. In cases where RAAF supervisor/commander has granted a Pass, indicate that Pass has been coordinated with RAAF supervisor/commander. Notify 337 ASUF/CC and DP of the Pass by e-mail and provide inclusive dates, emergency phone number, and address. Send notification to 337 ASUF/CC and DP on return.

7.2 337th Personnel. Apply for LEAVE by logging into, and completing leave request in Andersen AFB Leave Web. Supervisor automatically gets notified to complete his/her portion. Supervisor must then notify 337 ASUF/DP of pending leave request. DP will finalize leave request through Leave Web. Upon returning from LEAVE, complete Part III of the AF Form 988 by logging into Leave Web. Supervisor completes his/her portion of the leave form, and notifies DP to finalize.

7.2 ACCOUNTABILITY. 337 ASUF/DP tracks all LEAVE periods taken, and maintains a list of contact numbers and locations for all personnel.

8. QUESTIONS AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Contact the 337 Personnel Chief (02) 6214-5821, if further information is required.


                                                         DOUGLAS E. STEWART, Lt Col, USAF 
                                                         Commander, 337th Air Support Flight



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