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337 - Dental


International SOS is not involved in dental care for family members. Family members enrolled in United Concordia can see any dentist. You must pay directly for all expenses and submit a claim to your unit TRICARE POC. Claim forms and further information can be obtained on line from the United Concordia website or from your TRICARE POC.


Active Duty members must make an appointment with one of the approved dental providers. Your TRICARE POC will provide you with the approved provider listing.

As soon as you have made the appointment you must notify International SOS of the appointment date so a Guarantee of Payment letter can be sent to the provider confirming International SOS will pay the dental expenses on your behalf. (Please note 24 hours notice is requested for routine appointments).

If non-routine dental treatment such as root canals, crowns etc is required, International SOS must be advised so authorization can be obtained on your behalf from the Tricare Area Office - Pacific in Okinawa. Your dentist will need to forward a pre-treatment estimate, dental report and copies of X-Rays to International SOS in order for authorization to be obtained. If non-routine dental treatment proceeds without authorization, patients will be liable for costs and are unlikely to be reimbursed.

UCCI Website: http://www.ucci.com