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337 - Mail

APO service is available for all military members in Australia with certain limitations. Members geographically assigned in Alice Springs, Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney will have access to an APO and will receive their mail from an assigned lockbox at their respective APO. All other members will receive their mail through the Australian Defence Forces (ADF) courier system. 

To begin receiving service, all members at outlying locations are required to complete Det 4, PACAF AIRPS' PEP Officer Restriction Letter. You will complete this upon arrival. 

For postal transactions, the APO only accepts Australian cash or American checks; they do not offer a money order service. 

To facilitate forwarding of mail, individuals may obtain an APO box number up to 90 days prior to the expected date of arrival; contact your sponsor for assistance. Advance shipment of effects should be kept as low as possible because the APO has very limited storage space. 

LIMITATIONS: Anything mailed to Alice Springs, Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney can be up to 70 pounds and 108 (130 for a surcharge) inches length and girth; insured and registered items are allowed. For all other location, ADF courier's pick-up and deliver mail with certain weight and size restrictions; verify with your sponsor and DET 4 AIRPS to verify weight and size restrictions for your location. 

When you away from your duty location contact postal personnel to ensure they hold your mail during your absence. APO boxes are issued for personal use; they cannot be used for receiving items for unauthorized users, or for items for commercial use. (Visiting relatives may have mail sent in care of eligible users for up to 90 days.) All packages mailed from Australia must have the proper customs labels and be wrapped to APO standards. The APO has supplies of mailing boxes and other items. Incoming packages must comply with Australian customs and quarantine regulations. All checks are completed in Sydney. A list of all quarantine items can be obtained at the APO; they include, but are not limited to, salami, canned and smoked meats, cheeses, popcorn (including microwave types), and anything egg-based.