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337 - Passport Requirements

Ensure your MPF/PSD relocations clerk is aware of your passport requirement. IAW the DoD Foreign Clearance Guide (FCG), Section 2E, paragraph 1 and 2, members (and their dependents) assigned to the 337 ASUF or Military Personnel Exchange Programs must have no-fee passports issued prior to their arrival. The FCG states: 

Section 2E, para 1 -- Military personnel going to Australia on official PCS and TDY orders do not require passport or visas. These travelers do require a military ID card and a copy of their travel orders. Although passports are not required in Australia, travel to neighboring countries (e.g. New Zealand, Vanuatu, Fiji, etc.) may require a passport and visa. USDAO and ODC personnel assigned under the jurisdiction of the Chief of Mission must obtain a no-fee diplomatic passport. Military personnel assigned to the 337 ASUF or the Australian Defence Force, under the foreign exchange program, must obtain a no-fee official passport. 

Section 2E, para 2 -- Dependents of military personnel, not under the jurisdiction of the Chief of Mission, traveling to Australia in conjunction with PCS or TDY orders, require no-fee passports and a copy of the principal' s travel orders. The passport must be annotated as follows: "The bearer is a dependent of a member of the military component as defined in Article 1 of the Agreement between Australia and the United States Forces in Australia signed at Canberra on May 9, 1963." No visa is required. 

Above information can be acquired from the DoD FCG.