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337 - Tri-Care Prime

All personnel and family members are enrolled into TRICARE (Pacific) Prime Remote Program. There are no cost-shares/deductibles for the TRICARE Prime enrollees in Australia. However, the same guidelines for receiving medical treatment (as outlined in the TRICARE Standard Handbook) are followed. 

TRICARE Points-of-Contact (POC) 

The table below identifies the TRICARE POCs for the various agencies serving in Australia. The USA, USN, and USAF PEPs process claims for any member of their respective services, and DAO processes claims for the Defense Attaché Office. 

Tri-Care POC
DAO (02) 6214-5848 (02) 6273-5232 Opsco@state.gov
USA PEP (02) 6214-5881 (02) 6214-5970 armypepau@state.gov
USN PEP (02) 6214-5827 (02) 6273-5376 navypepau@state.gov
USAF PEP (02) 6214-5821 (02) 6273-5231 dp.canberra@andersen.af.mil  

Emergency Care - In Country 

Threat to life, limb, or sight. Seek immediate care. Go to nearest emergency room. Call ISOS at 1-800-683-925, after treatment and prior to departing the hospital. 


Procedures for accessing primary care

1. Call any of the approved providers found on the ISOS website and make an appointment. (For non-urgent appointments such as immunizations, a minimum of 24 hours notice of appointments is requested).

2. As soon as the appointment is made, call International SOS to advise of the appointment date so a Guarantee of Payment letter can be faxed to the provider confirming International SOS will pay on behalf of the patient. 

Failure to follow the above procedures may result in non-reimbursable out of pocket expenses.

Enrolling and PCS Information 

DEERS Enrollment. Your family members must be enrolled in DEERS to have access to the TRICARE benefits. If you have doubts about your family member's DEERS status, check with your TRICARE POC. 

Your children become eligible for Family Member Identification Cards at the age of 10. 

TRICARE bases its reimbursement on the DEERS status of the claimant. If you are not in DEERS, TRICARE enrollment will be denied! 

Website Information

ISOS - http://www.internationalsos.com/private/tricare/pacific/  

TRICARE - http://www.tricare.mil  

TRICARE Area Office, Pacific - http://tpaoweb.oki.med.navy.mil