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337 - Allowances

Your PCS entitlements are the same as any other overseas move. DFAS has an excellent website detailing allowances at http://www.dtic.mil  The following allowances are associated with your move and subsequent living expenses in Australia: 

Dislocation Allowance 

You will receive a dislocation allowance (DLA) according to your rank and dependency status as part of your move. This can be advanced to you at your losing base finance office or it can be paid on your PCS travel voucher, it's your option.

You are entitled to a Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) the amount varies by location, rank, years of service, the number of dependents and the prevailing currency exchange rate. The Per Diem Committee, located in Washington D.C., monitors and adjusts COLA rates regularly. These amounts are subject to change. You can find the latest amounts on the web: http://www.dtic.mil/perdiem 

You are entitled to an overseas housing allowance (OHA) that includes not only a rent portion, but also a utilities allowance. This amount is a maximum amount, based on a "use it or lose it" philosophy -- if your rent does not exceed the maximum, you are only reimbursed for what you pay. If you exceed the maximum, you'll be paying out of pocket. You can find amounts on the web: http://www.dtic.mil/perdiem under rates and allowances. OHA amounts in Australia are very generous; you should easily be able to find housing equivalent to US standards. Prior to signing a lease, provide a copy to 337th JA office for review.

Rent in Australia is paid on a weekly basis versus a monthly basis. To find your weekly allowances multiply the monthly Australian dollar amount by 12 and divide that amount by 52. Security deposits/bond can be up to 6 weeks rent in advance, in addition your landlord will want 4 to 6 weeks advance rent.

You can receive advance housing 3 days prior to your lease start date, complete an AF 1039 and send to 337th finance office. To start your OHA you must complete a DD 2367 and send to 337th finance office along with copy of rental agreement. 

Advance OHA AF1039
OHA DD2367

Move-In Housing Allowance 

You will receive a one-time move-in allowance (MIHA) to help defray move-in costs. This is payable upon the start of your OHA. 

Unaccompanied Dependent Travel 

College age children who still hold valid ID cards are entitled to one round-trip here per fiscal year. These dependents should be listed on your orders even though they are not accompanying you at the time of your arrival. The 337th will make arrangements for their trip including tickets and orders. They will come out under PCS orders the first time and return under student travel orders. They receive tickets for commercial US carriers.
Clothing Allowance 

Business attire is the uniform of the day at the Embassy; therefore 337th personnel rarely wear military uniforms. However, exchange officers wear Uniform of the Day on a regular basis. Make sure you have the necessary items prior to coming to Australia because there is no Military Clothing Sales store. Authorized personnel receive a civilian clothing allowance of approximately $1,400.00 (US). If you are assigned to the 337th be sure this authorization is annotated in orders prior to departing your losing base to prevent any delays in payment. This allowance may be advanced to you, contact your servicing finance office for appropriate procedures. Initial payment is $800 with the remaining amount paid out annually on your PCS date.