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337 - Arrival at Sydney Airport

To prevent missing your connection from Sydney to Canberra, be sure you schedule at least 3 hours on the ground at Sydney or you stand a good chance of missing your connection into Canberra. Clearing customs at Sydney can take up to 2 hours. 

Transferring from T1 (Sydney International Airport) to T2 and T3 (Sydney Domestic Airports): 

Click here to an image of the Sydney Airport

After clearing customs/quarantine, make a right after exiting the controlled area and proceed down the hallway. You will see McDonalds and Secure Baggage Storage on your left. Continuing around to the right you will see a sign for Qantas Domestic Transfer Desk, for flights numbered QF400-QF1599. Re-check your luggage with the Qantas agent and receive a boarding pass; proceed through the security checkpoint to the shuttle bus waiting area. Keep your boarding pass handy, as it is your pass to ride the bus. The shuttle bus operates every 10 minutes from 0600 to 1200, and every 20 minutes from 1200 until 2140. The bus will arrive at Gate 1 in Terminal 3; once inside the domestic terminal, check the screens for departure gate/time information.

NOTE: Between flights, allow at least 2 hours to clear customs and to make your way to the domestic terminal.