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337 - School Information

Schools start in the first week of February and have 3 breaks of 2-3 weeks during the school year, and finish in early to mid-December.
Children begin preschool at age 4 (some pre-schools age 3), kindergarten at 5, and go to primary school for years 1-6. School costs for children under 5 are not reimbursable. High schools cater for years 7-10 (ages about 12-15) and secondary colleges for years 11 and 12. Some private high schools take students during years 7-12.
Children in Australia attend a wide range of schools, both public and private. Although placing your child in a school is strictly a personal, family decision, you may want to get some feedback from the individual you are replacing about particular schools of interest. 

School Policy Letters & Enrollment Procedures:

DOD School Policy Letter
School Package 1
School Package 2
Canberra School Summary