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337 - Importing HHG


To prevent the outbreak of diseases and infestation harmful to agriculture, Australia prohibits the importation of many items of plant or animal. Damage or loss resulting from quarantine treatment or seizure, may not be considered shipping damage or loss for claims purposes. Members may be liable for the cost of treatment, which is not reimbursable. 

Items not allowed into the country of Australia can be found in this attachment: 

What I Can't Take To Australia

To prevent any delay in customs/quarantine clearance, mandatory items requiring inspection should be placed in the number one container. The inventory should be attached to the number one container for both HHG and UB. A copy of the inventory should be mailed to the destination TMO and the member should hand carry a copy of the inventory to the TMO to ensure one is received. Without an inventory, the shipment may be delayed pending customs and quarantine inspection. 

Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) personnel are authorized to import household goods into Australia duty and tax free. In order to do this you must complete the Australian Customs Form.


Download and print the application for importation of personal effects (B-534) and the instructions. This document must be 100% accurate and completely legible. If the application is not legible the Australian government will not process it. Type written is preferred. 

B-534 Customs Application

Instructions for Completion of the B-534 Australian Customs Document