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337 - Importing POV

Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) personnel entitled to ship a POV must obtain a Vehicle Import Approval from the Australian government prior to shipping their vehicle. The Australian government allows the importation of only one POV. You cannot ship an automobile and a motorcycle in your personal property shipment. A motorcycle in your household goods will exhaust your one POV import authorization. If the POV arrives in Australia prior to obtaining a Vehicle Import Approval the Australian government will refuse entry. The POV will be re-exported to CONUS/Origin at member's expense. An application can be obtained by selecting the following text below: 


Instructions for Completing the Vehicle Import Approval Application

This process also applies to a motorcycle, moped or trailer included in your personal property shipments.

Download and print the application. This document must be 100% accurate and completely legible. If the application is not legible the Australian government will not process it. Type written is preferred.

Along with the application you must include:

1. A copy of your registration and/or title with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) completely legible
2. A letter from you indicating the month/year you purchased the POV and the engine size
3. A copy of your PCS orders.

Once completed, the package must be mailed to your respective destination Transportation Office. A fax copy is not acceptable. Please provide an email address or fax number and we will send your Vehicle Import Approval to you upon completion.

This process will take approximately thirty (30) days. If you have any questions please contact your destination Transportation Office.

For personnel assigned to Alice Springs, Northern Territory:
ESC/DI Field Office M, USAF
PSC 276
ATTN: Transportation Office
APO AP 96548

For all others
337th ASUF/LGT
Unit 11004
APO AP 96549
011-61-2-6214-5879/5610; DSN: 315-366-5681

Shipping Your POV Pamphlet 

Storing Your POV Pamphlet

As a SOFA member, if you elect not to ship your vehicle to Australia you are entitled to purchase a new Australian made vehicle free of sales tax provided you are a military member and on assignment a minimum of 2 years. This also applies to leased vehicles as well. For more details, contact 337th Legal Office.